We are a team of individuals!

A diverse and talented group of over 500 professionals throughout Brazil, uniting expertise, and courage to deliver excellence.

We collaborate with companies of all sizes and across various industries, providing solutions in Judicial Calculations, Tax Consulting, Third-Party Management, and BPO.

Innovation is ingrained in our DNA, and we embrace it fearlessly. Here, we are in a constant cycle of learning, unlearning, and relearning.

And the coolest part of it all is that we are all part of the same team, #WeAreAllBernhoeft.


Fostering results and ensuring security through intelligent, innovative, and digital solutions, we aim to delight our clients in the realms of financial, accounting, labor, tax, and legal compliance management.

Our manifesto

Here, we make things happen!

We were born from the desire to do things differently with boldness and a focus on results.

We turn intention into simple solutions in real time!

Our unwavering commitment is to excellence, and we boldly embrace innovation without the fear of making mistakes.

We are in a perpetual state of learning, unlearning, and relearning.

Our vision remains receptive to the world and all the myriad possibilities and connections it presents!

The challenges before us are viewed as opportunities!

We continually contemplate how to achieve more with less, as we firmly believe that, ultimately, less can yield more!

We consistently challenge ourselves to transcend our current limitations – going beyond our thoughts, actions, and identities!

Our unquenchable desire is to contribute value and celebrate the success of our clients.

Here, respect and meritocracy are intrinsically linked.

And data holds a greater worth than mere conjecture

We love what we do and understand that Monday can be as good as Friday.

We are passionate about simplifying.

We epitomize the unceasing momentum of the present.

We are a team of individuals!


o manifesto é uma imagem com fundo branco e várias frases com cores diferentes que simbolizam as áreas do negócio e o que nos inspira.