We work in the outsourcing of tax, finance, accounting and personnel department services, providing advisory and consulting focused on the following aspects:

  • Accounting

    Given the fact that accounting is something essential for all companies regardless of their sizes, as well as a basic condition to enable them to obtain tax benefits from exempt profits distributions, we input the records according to the rules and regulations in force, avoiding possible inquiries in inspections and audit reports. We assist international companies with the preparation of their financial statements according to global standards such as the IFRS or the US GAAP.

  • Tax

    We reduce the tax burden to the maximum, within the boundaries of the law, taking all possible precautions to avoid problems with future inspections.

  • Personnel

    We take care of the full personnel department routine: admission processes, payroll, vacation leave, 13th salary, terminations, homologations and other activities.

  • Financial and billing

    We manage the financial routines such as accounts payable, billing and accounts receivable, in order to generate benefits for our clients, reducing the cost and enabling them to focus on their business.

We provide reports in accessible language, in which we comment the most relevant aspects identified during the work, giving special focus to tax questions that impact your business and, therefore, assisting its management.

We use technology to our advantage and, based on that, we are able to integrate the data from your financial software into our accounting and tax system, making it not necessary to manually input the data, so that the team may focus on a higher value-added work, the data analysis.

In addition, we have a quality assurance area that periodically reviews and compares the data prepared by the operational team, checking and minimizing the risk of having divergences between the accounting, tax and personnel information, and the reports that were transmitted to the municipal, state and federal revenue services.

The Bernhoeft team can work with 100% digital paperwork, saving the original files at your company.

Our outsourcing team is organized to focus on information quality and timeliness; and, in order to enable the process to flow in the best way possible, we work in the following manner:

The contact is centralized in the account manager, who is the communication focal point.

Each account manager is responsible for a specific client portfolio, split in a way to serve companies of the same segment.

This service model allows each team to be specialized in certain activities, so that the team acquires greater expertise about the tax aspects involving each segment.

We usually assist our clients considering the fact that the work may be developed in three different arrangements:
  • A BPO team working from the Bernhoeft premises, using our system or your own ERP, if this option is the safest arrangement for your company.

  • A team performing activities at the premises and on your software, with management and responsibility assumed by Bernhoeft.

  • A team performing activities at the client’s premises.

Benefits of Accounting Outsourcing

  1. Maintenance of accounting in accordance with legislation changes.
  2. Greater focus on the effective risks of your company.
  3. More agility during audit analysis processes.
  4. Reduction of costs for not having an internal team to be managed.
  5. Possibility to automate complex and voluminous processes.

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