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Bernhoeft is located in 6 states, and has its head offices in São Paulo, São José dos Campos, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Recife e Natal. Our team has over 280 upgraded professionals that have expertise in our clients´ process management.

We work with national and multinational companies, of different sizes and segments, such as: commerce, industry, governmental entities, financial institutions, petrol, electricity, telecommunications, medical and port services, engineering, among others.

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Accounting Outsourcing, Labour Legal Calculations, Risk Management With Third Parties, Tax Consulting.

Almir Borges
Ana Cláudia Albuquerque
Bruno Santos
Clarisse Monteiro
Eluzia Vieira
Givaldo Oliveira
Igor Meireles
Luciano Bezerra
Luiz Carlos Bernhoeft Jr.
Mirian Amaral
Paulo Souza