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We precisely measure risk calculations for provisioning purposes. For calculations, we carefully analyze the trial, focusing on reducing disbursement  in labor lawsuits.

We work in federal, state and local levels, in order to reduce the impact of the tax cost in your company. A unique and highly specialized job developed by Bernhoeft team.

An automated and highly efficient control for your company. Our professionals are specialized in risk analysis in third-party contracts, reducing the possibilities of labor and social security issues and implementing improvement projects.

Accounting outsourcing is an interesting and strategic way for your company to remain focused on their main business. Bernhoeft has a team of specialists who provide the tax security your business needs.


Bernhoeft is a Brazilian company, active in major Brazilian cities, engaged in consulting and accounting outsourcing services to companies with different sizes and segments.

We have more than 20 year experience, adding value to our clients businesses and providing differentiated services to companies in all industries.

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Bernhoeft operates in a wide range of business segments and has proven expertise in accounting and tax outsourcing.